Pest categories

Pests are categorized into various groups, and they are categorized according to how they affect humans. The three major categories are.


This refers to pests which damage crops, they are common, and we’ll know you at least have an idea of what agricultural pests are.


These are the kind that affects animals or humans, for instance, mosquitos, bed bugs, and fleas.


Are those pests which live in homes or stores such as mice, pigeons, and cockroaches.

These are the three main categories, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t others. Some other pests fall into more than one category. Rats can call into the medical and urban categories.

Learning the above categories helps you understand how to deal with various types of pests and the kind of products to use on them.

You can’t use a certain type of chemical to kill a particular pest; it never works like that because each category has a specific type of control measure. All these pests are bad for both humans and crops, and they should be removed as soon as possible.